Prof. Ralf Schindler: Martin's Maximum, Woodin's (*), or both?

报告人:Prof. Ralf Schindler  (University of Muenster, Germany)
题  目:Martin's Maximum, Woodin's (*), or both?
时  间:2017.03.10 (星期五) , 10:00-11:00
地  点:数学院南楼N913室
Abstract :There are two plausible strong axioms available on the market which both imply that there are ℵ2ℵ2 reals, Martin's Maximum and Woodin's (*). It is still unknown if these two are compatible with each other. This question leads to the formulation of a unifying strong axiom and also to studying apparently unrelated issues from descriptive inner model theory. This is joint work with Asperó, Claverie, Doebler, and Woodin.

发布时间:2017-03-05 15:02:59
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