McLarty教授讲座:Philosophy of Mathematics: a short introduction.

McLarty教授讲座:Philosophy of Mathematics: a short introduction.

本次讲座是Colin McLarty教授本月在北京开设的数学哲学小课程的第一讲,其余各讲在北师大举行。


地点:北京大学哲学系(人文学苑2号楼)地下B114 (注意:不是讨论班通常的地点

摘要: This lecture introduces the idea of philosophy of mathematics based on more extensive discussions of specific, influential mathematics than has been usual in philosophy of mathematics.  It will describe 14 mathematicians.  Some of them are already familiar to philosophers and some are not.  The examples start with Euclid,then jump up to the early 19th century, and include one who is still working today.  In each case we describe what makes that mathematician's actual mathematics philosophically important, and what that mathematician said about philosophic topics.  Then in each case we describe some questions that current philosophers could pursue starting from that mathematician's work and thoughts.  These are not all of the mathematicians that will be discussed in the following lecture series.  They are enough to introduce the topics of that series.

主讲人介绍:Colin McLarty is the Truman P Handy Professor of Philosophy and of Mathematics at Case Western Reserve University and is the current President of the Philosophy of Mathematics Association. Besides working in pure category theory, he has published on general foundations for mathematics, and specific foundations for modern number theory. He has also published and spoken on the history of modern mathematics, especially Henri Poincare, Emmy Noether, the original members of the group Bourbaki, and such founders of category theory as Saunders Mac Lane, Alexander Grothendieck, and William Lawvere.

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