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By topic:

Some papers:

How to agree without understanding each other: Public Announcement Logic with Boolean Definitions
(with Malvin Gattinger) to appear in TARK2019

A Logic of Knowing Why PDF
(with Chao Xu and Thomas Studer) to appear in Synthese

A Dynamic Epistemic Framework for Reasoning about Conformant Probabilistic Plans
(with Yanjun Li and Barteld Kooi) in Artificial Intelligence 268: 54-84

Bundled fragments of first order modal logic: (un)decidability (PDF)
(with Anantha Padmanabha and R. Ramanujam) in Proceedings of FSTTCS18 LIPIcs 112: 43:1-43:20

When Names Are Not Commonly Known: Epistemic Logic with Assignments
(with Jeremy Seligman) in Advances in Modal Logic Vol.12 (We changed the title in the final version according to the suggestion of the one reviewer. The previous title is "Call me by your name: epistemic logic with assignments and non-rigid names")

Bisimulations for Knowing How Logics
(with Raul Fervari, Fernando R. Velázquez-Quesada) presented at the International Workshop on Strategic Reasoning (SR2017)

A new modal framework for epistemic logic
in Proceedings of 16th conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge (TARK2017): 515-534

Strategically knowing how (
(with Raul Fervari, Andreas Herzig and Yanjun Li ) in Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2017): 1031-1038

More for Free: A Dynamic Epistemic Framework for Conformant Planning over Transition Systems
(with Yanjun Li and Quan Yu) in Journal of Logic and Computation: 27(8):2383–2410 (largely extended version of the TARK15 conference paper)

True Lies (
(with Thomas Ågotnes and Hans van Ditmarsch) in Synthese: 195(10): 4581-4615

《逻辑学研究》Studies in logic: 10(2), 2017

专栏:超越“知道如是”的知识逻辑 (
pdf, 专栏内容
《逻辑学研究》Studies in logic: 9(4), 2016

A Logic of Goal-directed Knowing How (
to appear in Synthese: 195(10): 4419–4439 (extended full version of the LORI15 conference paper)

Knowing Values and Public Inspection (
(with Jan van Eijck, Malvin Gattinger) in Proceedings of ICLA 2017:77-90, Springer

Achieving while maintaining: A logic of knowing how with intermediate constraints
(with Yanjun Li) , in Proceedings of ICLA 2017:154-167, Springer

“Knowing value” logic as a normal modal logic
(with Tao Gu) in Advances in Modal Logic Vol. 11:362-381, College Publications

Beyond Knowing that: a new generation of epistemic logics
in Jaakko Hintikka on knowledge and game theoretical semantics: 499-533. Springer

Knowing your ability (pdf) .
(with Tszyuen Lau) in
The Philosophical Forum 47(3-4)415-423, Wiley-Blackwell

From rules to runs: a dynamic epistemic take on imperfect information games, (ArXiv)
(with Kai Li) to in Studies in Logic 8(4):74-107: 《逻辑学研究》

A logic of knowing how (slides, pdf),
in Proceedings of LORI2015: 392-405, Springer

A Dynamic Epistemic Framework for Conformant Planning, (pdf)
(with Quan Yu and Yanjun Li) in Proceedings of TARK2015, EPTCS 215: 298-318

Epistemic Informativeness
, (slides, pdf)
(with Jie Fan) in Modality, Semantics and Interpretations, Logic in Asia: 121-129, Springer

Contingency and knowing whether
, (pdf)
(with Jie Fan and Hans van Ditmarsch) in Review of Symbolic Logic 8(1):75-107, Cambridge University Press

Representing Imperfect Information of Procedures with Hyper Models
, (pdf, slides)
in the Proceedings of ICLA 2015: 218-231, LNCS Springer

Conditionally knowing what
, (pdf, slides)
(with Jie Fan) in Advances in Modal Logic vol 10: 569-587, College Publications

Almost necessary,
(with Jie Fan and Hans van Ditmarsch) in Advances in Modal Logic vol 10: 178-196, College Publications

Hidden Protocols: Modifying our expectations in an evolving world, (
(with Hans van Ditmarsch, Sujata Ghosh, Rineke Verbrugge) in Artificial Intelligence 208: 18-40, Elsevier. (Extended full version of our TARK11 conference paper) A true story from Rineke about hidden protocols.

Book review of:
Johan van Benthem, Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction (pdf)
Studia Logica 102(3): 647-654

A note on equivalence of two semantics for epistemic logic of shallow depths, (
The dynamic, inquisitive, and visionary life of ϕ, ?ϕ, and ϕ: A Festschrift for Jeroen Groenendijk, Martin Stokhof, and Frank Veltman

Knowing That, Knowing What, and Public Communication: Public Announcement Logic with Kv Operators
, (pdf)
(with Jie Fan) in Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) 2013: 1147-1154, AAAI press

An Alternative Axiomatization of DEL and its Applications
, (pdf)
(with Guillaume Aucher) in Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) 2013: 1139-1146, AAAI press

On Axiomatizations of Public Announcement Logic,
(with Qinxiang Cao) to in Synthese 190 (1s) 103-134, (a largely extended version of the LORI 2011 conference paper), Springer

Reasoning about agent types and the hardest logic puzzle ever,
(with Fenrong Liu) Minds and Machines 23(1):123-161 2013, Springer

Not all those who wander are lost: dynamic epistemic reasoning in navigation,
(with Yanjun Li) Advances in Modal Logic vol 9: 559580

On the Logic of Lying
, (pdf)
(with Hans van Ditmarsch, Jan van Eijck and Floor Sietsma) In: Games, Actions and Social Software, LNCS 7010: pp.41-72, Springer-Verlag, 2012

Composing Models
, (pdf)
(with Floor Sietsma, Jan van Eijck) Journal of Applied Non-classical Logic: 21(3-4): 397-425 2011 presented at LOFT 2010

On Axiomatizations of PAL
, (pdf)
LORI 2011: 314-327

Reasoning About Protocol Change and Knowledge
, (pdf)
ICLA2011: 189-203

Hidden Protocols,
(with Hans van Ditmarsch, Sujata Ghosh, Rineke Verbrugge) TARK 2011: 65-74

To Know or not to Know: Epistemic Approaches to Security Protocol Verification
, (pdf)
(with Francien Dechesne) Synthese 177(s1): 51-76

Logic of Information Flow on Communication Channels,
(with Floor Sietsma, Jan van Eijck) DALT 2010: 130-147 extended abstract in AAMAS 2010: 1447-1448

Verifying Epistemic Protocols under Common Knowledge,
(pdf, check Ch3 of my thesis for a better version)
(with Lakshmanan Kuppusamy and Jan van Eijck) TARK 2009: 257-266

Refinement of Kripke Models for Dynamics
. (pdf, check Ch7 of my thesis for a better version )
(with Francien Dechesne and Simona Orzan) ICTAC 2008: 111-125

Propositional Dynamic Logic as a Logic of Belief Revision
. (pdf)
(with Jan van Eijck) WoLLIC 2008: 136-148

PDL over Accelerated Labeled Transition Systems
. (pdf, check Ch8 of my thesis for a better version)
(with Taolue Chen and Jaco van de Pol) TASE 2008: 193-200

Risk Balance in Exchange Protocols
. (short paper)
(with Mohammad Torabi Dashti) ASIAN 2007: 70-77

Dynamic Epistemic Verification of Security Protocols: framework and case study
. (pdf)
(with Francien Dechesne) LORI 2007:129-140

Book Chapters:
What is Protocol Analysis?, and Protocol Analysis and Dynamic Epistemic Logic,
Francien Dechesne, Jan van Eijck, Wouter Teepe) pp. 135-146 and pp. 147-162
in: Discourses on Social Software, Jan van Eijck and Rineke Verbrugge (eds), Vol. 5 of Texts in Logic and Games (2009)

PhD Thesis:
Epistemic Modelling and Protocol Dynamics