Axiomatizing DEL-like logics without reductions

An Alternative Axiomatization of DEL and its Applications, (pdf)
(with Guillaume Aucher) in Proceedings of IJCAI 2013: 1139-1146, AAAI press
An alternative axiomatization of DEL following the work with Cao; The big four (new axioms): propositional invariance, executability, perfect recall, no miracles (not no learning); A simplification of DEL which separates syntax and semantics neatly; applications: a characterization of the product update; an axiomatization of DEL with protocols; a representation theorem of DEL generatable ETL structures given an event model.

On Axiomatizations of Public Announcement Logic, (pdf)
(with Qinxiang Cao) to in Synthese 190 (1s) 103-134, (a largely extended version of the LORI 2011 paper), Springer
K+reduction axioms is not complete for PAL; Be very careful when using reduction techniques; A general proof method for completeness of DEL-like logics without the reductions; A new axiomatization which might help us to understand PAL better; The reduction technique is a blessing and a curse too (if we confine ourselves to it too much)

On Axiomatizations of PAL, (pdf subsumed by the above synthese paper)
LORI 2011: 314-327

Book review of: Johan van Benthem, Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction (pdf)
in Studia Logica 102(3): 647-654
A personal guide of hidden treasures and unsaid truths of JvB’s book on logical dynamics. Some of my personal view on DEL.