Dynamic epistemic planning without standard DEL

More for Free: A Dynamic Epistemic Framework for Conformant Planning over Transition Systems,
(with Yanjun Li and Quan Yu) to appear in Journal of Logic and Computation (largely extended version of the TARK15 conference paper)

A Dynamic Epistemic Framework for Conformant Planning
, (pdf)
(with Quan Yu and Yanjun Li) in Proceedings of TARK2015249-259, ACM Digital Library
A follow-up of the AiML 12 paper; A lightweight DEL-like framework for single-agent, transition system-based conformant planning; A complete axiomatization of the basic language with a proof different from the one in the AiML12 paper; A non-trivial reduction of conformant planning to the modal checking problem with EPDL; Complexity analysis of model checking EPDL with and without * using alternative context-dependent semantics.

Not all those who wander are lost: dynamic epistemic reasoning in navigation, (pdf)
(with Yanjun Li) Advances in Modal Logic vol 9: 559580
A “cute” dynamic epistemic logic framework on maps; To help you when lost with a map at hand; Can be used for planning problems; Combining epistemics with temporal information in a concise way; Simple language (no new update operators) and simple models; Dynamic epistemic in spirit but not in techniques.