Lying and puzzles

True lies,
(with Thomas Ågotnes and Hans van Ditmarsch) to appear in Synthese

Reasoning about agent types and the hardest logic puzzle ever, (pdf)
(with Fenrong Liu) Minds and Machines 23(1):123-161 2013, Springer
An epistemic framework where who says what is important due to agent types; The first ever purely formal analysis of the hardest logic puzzle ever (HLPE); HLPE is made significantly harder by considering epistemics; Formal framework facilitates surprising impossibility results…

Epistemic Informativeness, (slides, pdf)
(with Jie Fan) in Modality, Semantics and Interpretations, Logic in Asia: 121-129, Springer
A notion measures how informative a statement is in terms of knowledge gain; An explanation of the differences in the cognitive content in terms of epistemic informativeness (EI); A formal characterization of EI in terms of a weaker version of common knowledge; It may shed new light on the Frege’s puzzle of identity.

On the Logic of Lying, (pdf)
(with Hans van Ditmarsch, Jan van Eijck and Floor Sietsma) In: Games, Actions and Social Software, LNCS 7010: pp.41-72, Springer-Verlag, 2012