Protocol knowledge, change and verification

Hidden Protocols: Modifying our expectations in an evolving world, (pdf)
(with Hans van Ditmarsch, Sujata Ghosh, Rineke Verbrugge) in Artificial Intelligence 208: 18-40, Elsevier. A true story from Rineke about hidden protocols.
Protocols give meaning to observations; observations are matched with expectations to update knowledge; protocols are specified by regular expressions with tests; protocol models capture protocols which are not common knowledge; an equivalence notion between protocol models; protocols may involve actions that change facts; a semantic logic framework to handle knowledge and observations; a detailed example of the protocols and verification of one hundred prisoners and a bulb puzzle.

Reasoning About Protocol Change and Knowledge, (pdf)
ICLA2011: 189-203

Hidden Protocols, (pdf subsumed by the AIJ paper above)
(with Hans van Ditmarsch, Sujata Ghosh, Rineke Verbrugge) TARK 2011: 65-74

To Know or not to Know: Epistemic Approaches to Security Protocol Verification, (pdf)
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Logic of Information Flow on Communication Channels, (pdf)
(with Floor Sietsma, Jan van Eijck) DALT 2010: 130-147 extended abstract in AAMAS 2010: 1447-1448