Immanuel Kant's
Critique of Pure Reason

Translated by

Norman Kemp Smith

Sometime Professor of Logic and Metaphysics
in the University of Edinburgh


Table of Contents

About this edition

The e-text of this book was originally prepared by Stephen Palmquist and placed in the Oxford Text Archive in 1985. His version tries to preserve the appearance of the original text -- with page numbers and end-of-line hyphenations -- though it is stripped of the marginalia, such as the A/B notation for first and second editions, respectively. And it is presented in eight large parts. It features an index and a concordance.

A second version -- a technically overhauled edition of Palmquist's -- is provided by the Humanities Computing & Methodology Program, RIH of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This edition has removed the end-of-line hyphenations, and the text is divided into segments to correspond with the table of contents for the second edition. But the most important and valuable addition is a search engine -- so for research purposes, this is the version to use. There are plans to restore the marginalia, and place footnotes as endnotes.

The present edition -- a technically overhauled edition of Palmquist's -- is geared entirely for readability. I have made the following changes:
  • removed the end-of-line hyphenations,
  • changed page numbers from, e.g., P 452 to [452],
  • added wide margins,
  • added spaces and indentations for paragraphs,
  • converted footnotes to endnotes, and
  • added the translator's Preface.

Andrew Chrucky

September 1996

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